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Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser, Dryer & Storage White

Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser, Dryer & Storage White

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Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Sterilizer, Dryer & Storage White

Ensuring your baby bottles, accessories and breastfeeding equipment are sterile is extremely important, especially in your little one?s first year. Sterilising their feeding equipment goes beyond keeping things clean ? it?s about getting rid of any leftover milk residue that might be lingering and protecting them from harmful bacteria that can cause tummy bugs.

The Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser is a fuss-free solution to your sterilising needs and has four clever modes. Not only does it effectively sterilise without steam and hot water, it also dries and stores your baby?s bottles hygienically until you?re ready to feed.

This steriliser takes just 10 minutes to effectively sterilise clear baby bottles, and 35 minutes to sterilise coloured baby bottles. You can choose between a 30, 40 or 50-minute drying cycle, so you don?t have to handle wet accessories. It also has a filter that?s easy to replace and protects your feeding kit against dust, pollen and airborne pollutants.
When the storage function is selected, it emits five minutes of UV light and five minutes of drying power every two hours to keep the contents sterile.

The steriliser, dryer and storage unit can hold up to six 150ml or 260ml bottles at a time. The adjustable shelves give you the option to customise the space to fit any other breastfeeding or baby accessories.

The baby bottle steriliser has an internal Philips UV bulb that lasts up to 6,000 hours. It also sterilises without steam and water so bottles and accessories are cool to touch when the cycle is complete. For added safety, it comes with an auto shut down feature whenever the door is opened.

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