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Guess Hoo? Owen

Guess Hoo? Owen

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What's that sound? Oh, it's an owl! With Guess Hoo Owen, you'll know all the critter sounds in the forest! Owen is a cute grey owl that wears a green bandana.

Listen carefully as Owen plays a forest animal sound and make a guess on what animal it is! Each animal reveal is followed by a fun fact about that critter! This game is fun and educational for kids!

  • Batteries Included - Operates on 3AAA batteries that are already included in the plush. Bring them home and they’re ready to play! Replace batteries by unscrewing battery compartment located on the bottom of the plush.
  • Product Care - Spot clean with damp towel only. Do not machine wash, as the product contains a mechanical module. 
  • Size - Measures 10”H x 5”W x 6” L
  • Ages - Recommended for Ages 2+
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