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Chicco Kids Toothbrush Case with Cup 1-5 years

Chicco Kids Toothbrush Case with Cup 1-5 years

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Chicco Kids Toothbrush Case with Cup, Soft Bristles, Ergonomic Grip, Cap, and Matching Case, Toothbrush for Children + 1-5Years, 

  • Practical out-of-home case
  • Chicco toothbrush: with soft extra thin bristles delicate with gums, a head with tongue cleaner, a fun cap for maximum brush hygiene, and a suction cup to attach to the washbasin
  • Chicco toothpaste: strawberry that removes dental plaque without spoiling the tooth enamel of children’s mouth with biological calcium
  • Colorful glass: to use while brushing your teeth saving water, or to store the paste and brush while not in use
  • Transparent case with side lanyard to hang or carry it in hand so you don't miss
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